Why do knuckles crack?

                                               Why do knuckles crack

                                        Why do your knuckles pop?

TTT! TtT! whoa those knuckles are really cracking. Hey friends, have you ever wondered why do our knuckles crack. So let's see today.

Well, we all have heard that loud crackling sound when someone bends their knuckles in a certain way. This sound has puzzled the scientist-community over decades as they offered various reasons
1. Like the stretching of the bones 
2. Even two joints grinding against each other.
But after intense research, the mystery behind this weird noise coming out of your joint has finally been solved. So how does it happen?

Well, the joints in your fingers are called knuckles and are easiest to crack as they are some of the most flexible ones in your body If we look closely, these bones have space between them which is filled with a sticky fluid called "Synovial fluid".

This fluid seems more or less like egg yolk and its primary purpose is to cushion the bones and help them move more effectively and like any other fluids in your body, this too contains dissolved gases like oxygen and carbon dioxide.

When bones move stretch or bend the synovial fluid prevents them from grinding against each other. During this process, the space between two bones increases but the level of synovial fluid remains the same which creates a low-pressure zone that pulls dissolved gases out of the synovial liquid.

Now as gases are less soluble at low pressure these gases come together and form a bubble and you get that satisfying pop sound. Some scientists believe there may actually be two pops one when the bubble forms and the other when it bursts.

Why do your knuckles pop


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