I would express here how Girls from Different Classes of society face different problems in their daily lives.

 I am Paramita Khan Burman, the writer of the bloggers.
 I am in Statistics. I completed My in Burdwan University.
 My home town is in Agartala. But after completing my study I was joining a Private Company on Kolkata. But after few years to my marriage for some personal reason I have resigned my job. 
             I am passionate to write from my childhood. It is one of my hobby in my life.
   In those years of my life I face many situation in my life. Some are good some are bad. In a few years I feel the pain of girl's from different classes of society.

                   So I think blogging is one of the source to express my feeling.

Why should you read my page?
 I already explain everything. But I know it is not enough to trust me. So please go through my page then you feel it.

I am also available in Facebook and Instagram. I have my own Facebook ladies group also.

By this group I try o help all the girls who are trying to do something to self-reliant.


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