Ganesha Chaturthi

                                                        Ganesha Chaturthi 

Welcome back, friends. Have you ever heard the story of Ganesha? Well, Ganesh Chaturthi is quite nearby. So, today I will tell you the story of Ganesh Chaturthi or Ganesha's birthday.

Ganesha or the god of prosperity is the son of Lord Mahadev or Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Once Goddess Parvati, wife of Lord Shiva was getting ready for her bath. She ordered Nandi(Lord Shiva's Bahan) to not allow anybody to enter her private chamber while she is bathing.
A few minutes later Nandi saw Shiva approaching. He thought that even though the goddess has asked him to not allow anyone inside her private chamber, Lord shiva is her husband and how can he stop him. Meanwhile, when Shiva entered Parvati's private chamber, the handmaids who were applying Tumeric to her fled away seeing Lord Shiva.

Goddess Parvati angrily asked Lord shiva that how could Nandi let Lord Shiva in her private chamber. Lord Shiva laughing said to Goddess Parvati that if she had forgotten that Lord Shiva was her husband. Goddess Parvati was far from amused. She knew that no gan(Lord Shiva's followers) will be completely hers.

Ganesha Chaturthi

She then collected all the turmeric paste which had been applied to her body and created a form using it and gave life to it. Goddess Parvati's happiness was out of bounds. She had a son now. The boy hugged his motherGoddess Parvati gave the boy the name Vinayaka.

Then she ordered Vinayaka to go and guard the entrance to her private chamber. She gave him a stick made up of her own powers adi shakti's power. Let's keep the story of Adi shakti for later. Now as I was saying Vinayak took his position but then Shiva appeared.

When Shiva tried to enter Vinayak didn't let him. Lord Shiva asked Vinayak whether he knew who was Lord Shiva. After knowing that Vinayak was his son he told Vinayak to let him go to his mother. But Vinayaka was stubborn and wasn't disobeying his mother. Angrily Lord Shiva cut his head with his burning trishul(Lord Shiva's weapon).

Hearing that angry Parvati called on Kali and Durga. They started killing all the gans and destroying Earth. Lord Vishnu and Bramha even tried to stop Kali and Durga but were unsuccessful. Seeing all this, Lord Shiva ordered one of his gans to go and cut the head of anyone who is sleeping towards the north and bring it to him.
The gan quickly went searching. He saw an elephant sleeping in the north and cut its head and brought it to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva on seeing an elephant's head hesitated a little bit but had nothing to do as Durga and Kali would destroy everything. He joined the head to Vinayaka's body and revived him.

Seeing her dear son Goddess Parvati called Kali and Durga back. Vinayaka was named Ganesha because of this head. But Goddess Parvati had a Condition. Lord Shiva had to give the most importance to Ganesha. So Lord Shiva told that Ganesha will be worshipped before anyone is worshipped.

Moral:- As much as this story talks about the birth, it teaches us an important lesson on how anger can cause harm to our near and dear ones and how necessary it is to rectify our mistakes as soon as we can.
Now that was the birth of Lord Ganesha. Do tell me in the comments if you like it.  
                                               Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!

                                                     By Shreya. Burman

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