What if we stopped sleeping?

Hey friends, ever had that night when you want to play video games all night long or have tests coming up and have to read all night long. Well, let's see what happens if you don't sleep for several and several and several days.

We all know that just like eating or drinking, sleeping is also essential for our survival. Yes, it not only gives your body rest but also restores your brain for the next day. But what if someone is put in a position where they can't sleep? 
Stage 1
But, solely after the first six hours, you might start to feel tired and cranky due to the extreme production of a hormone called "Cortisol".

Stage 2 
However, after twenty-four hours of a sleepless night, something opposite will happen. You will suddenly get a sudden jolt of energy due to the release of a feel-good chemical called "Dopamine", because of this, the world will start to look pleasant, and you will feel extra motivated and animated. 

Stage 3 
But once the exhaustion sets in, it begins to go downhill from thereon. Yes, after thirty-six hours of sleep deprivation, your memory will begin to weaken, making you forget things. Even your reaction time will decrease while your brain struggles to save for your day-to-day functions. 


Stage 4
If you decide to push the limits of a sleepless spree and manage to stay awake for the next forty-eight hours, from there on things will take a turn for the worse, as your body will shut down many vital physical functions. Yes, you will begin to feel extremely fatigued as your body won't be able to metabolize glucose properly and even your immune system will stop functioning, making you prone to sickness.  

Stage 5
On the 3rd day or after seventy-two hours of sleeplessness, due to the lack of essential chemicals and nutrients in your overstimulated brain, horror will begin to strike and you will start to hallucinate. Meaning you may see and hear things that aren't actually real, like unusual sounds and visions.

Stage 6 
 Not only that but you may also start losing track of time and forget basic things like your name or how to eat, read or play.  

Stage End
Now, if someone decides to cross all the limits, studies have shown that fourteen days without sleep, could be fatal.  
                                                    Fun Facts
Did you know a 17-year old student "RANDY GARDNER" managed to stay awake for 264 hours or 11 days straight? Yes, he did this to beat the world record for staying awake, which was held by a DJ in Honolulu who managed 260 hours or just under 11 days.

                   PLEASE DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME

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  1. This article is really very informative and every one should know this how our body can be affected by the lack of sleep. To maintain and keep our body fit we need enough sleep. Thank you didi for sharing this fact.

    1. This article is written by my daughter. Thank you very much

  2. That's very interesting! As a child it was much easier to stay awake at night and now it feels much harder. Some time ago I was obligated to stay awake for around 38 hours. It was a very interesting experience. Just in the morning the second day I started to feel weaker, of course it's normal but I started to forget what happened the day before or when was it. The same day at the evening I felt the slowliness of my reactions and the broken bond with time. Now I can put it in words thanks to your article. Have a great day!


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